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Web Design: - Video Contest Results


Two winners tie!

22 videos were entered in our first “Legalize Ferrets” YouTube video contest.  About 250 new people signed up for CLIFFnotes and voted.  Two videos tied for first place and split the $500 cash prize:

First Place Winners - $250 Each to

"Ferrets on a Bed"
by Paul K
by Tony C

The other winners were:

Second Place Winner

"Buddha Speaks!"
by Linda R

Third Place Winner

"Milo and the
by Ella R

Fourth Place Winner

"Am I A Pet?"
by Sara R

Fifth Place Winner

"Change the Future"
by Kaylee D 

Honorable Mention - Because I loved the creativity!

" contest"
by Lou M

Thank you everyone who entered videos and everyone who voted.  We will do this next year so start thinking.  Perhaps next year’s theme will be “How we enjoy our legal ferrets in California!”
Let it happen – if you aren’t a member of the 3000 Club – please join.

What’s Next?
The 3rd Annual Legalize Ferrets Revival is set for Oct 11th in San Diego. The discussion – our scientific studies – will we finally file an environmental Impact Report with the state of California – or will the ongoing studies being done be enough to satisfy Governor Schwarzenegger that ferrets should be legal?

We will be bringing in a non-affiliated wildlife biologist to give us the facts.



March 2008 News Brief - Member to Donate Funds for an EIR
Nov 2007 News Brief - In Search of a Legislative Sponsor
May/June 2007 News Brief - Re-evaluation on Ban on Ferrets

Arnold Governor Schwarzenegger called for an EIR when he vetoed SB89
Member to Donate Funds
for an EIR

Interesting Note:

According to the leading pet industry lobby Californians buy 27% of the ferret supplies sold in the country.

ferret supplies nationwide

Ferret magazines have often reported that California is #1 for subscriptions and Petco has reported they sell millions of dollars in ferret supplies in California every year.

Legalizing ferrets makes good business sense!

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Abuses By The Department of Fish and Game and Department of Food and Agriculture

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